Theory Test Case Studies

Theory test case study.

The theory test now comprises of the multiple choice questions, a theory test case study and a Hazard Perception test. Here we will have a look at the case study part of it and see some examples of what the case study looks like.

It's part of the theory test multiple choice questions and will be either a short story or scenario. Five questions will be asked based on this story or scenario and it will still be mulitiple choice just like the rest of the test.

You can flag any questions and come back to them later. It's all still based on your theory knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road.

Below are some examples of case studies.

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Theory test case study example 1

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Theory test case study example 2

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Theory test case study example 3

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How to pass the Hazard Perception test.

Ever wondered what the Hazard Perception test all about? What is a developing hazard? Find out this and more... Hazard Perception test.

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