Driving test with Kamau

Analysis of Kamau's mock driving test.

A closer look at the driving faults.

Have a look at the video below of Kamau taking his mock driving test and after we'll analyse his driving faults in more detail and explain why he got the faults.

Bear in mind that the examiner on your driving test might not think that every mistake you make is big enough for a fault.

The benefit of taking a mock driving test is to find out how ready you are to drive on your own and to experience driving test conditions. Learn from any mistakes and go on to pass the real driving test and be a safe driver.


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Why did Kamau get the driving faults?

Parking brake not released

1st driving fault at 2:49. Parking brake

Kamau didn't release the parking brake (handbrake) fully when moving off.

His 4th driving fault was for the same reason at 8:25.

2nd driving fault at 4:47. Signals: timed

Signal timing is important, too early can confuse others and signalling too late might not give other road users enough time to react.

He signalled too early here, other road users might have thought he was turning into the road prior to where he parked.

His 5th driving fault was for signalling too late at 11:51. 7th driving fault at 21:15. 8th driving fault at 23:11.

After making the same driving fault more than four times, Kamau got a serious fault at 34:43.

Signals: timed

Position / normal stops

3rd driving fault at 8:05. Position / normal stops

Always consider other road users when pulling up on the left. Is it safe, convenient and legal? Kamau pulled up blocking a drive-way. Only block the drive-way if the examiner says that you can.

His 4th driving fault was for not releasing the parking brake fully at 27:11.

His 5th driving fault was for signalling too late at 11:51.

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6th driving fault at 14:37. Response to signs: traffic signs

Kamau had to give way to oncoming vehicles and should have waited at the give-way lines for the oncoming vehicle.

Response to signs

Driving test - observation fault

Serious driving fault at 15:14. Observation

Kamau was entering a car park but didn't observe to his right for any pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles.

This car park is situated within a park, which is popular with children, dog walkers, cyclists and other learner drivers. Good observations were essential before entering the car park.

Thanks to Kamau!

Although Kamau failed this mock driving test, he learnt from his mistakes and went onto pass his first driving test with just one driving fault. Congratulations Kamau.

Everyone who has taken a mock or actual driving test knows how scary it can be and Kamau was very brave to be filmed at the same time and for allowing us to publish the video on YouTube to help other learner drivers.

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