How to turn left and right with World Driving

How to turn left and right.

Mirrors, signal, manoeuvre.

The most important thing is to BE PREPARED as you approach your turn. Look for where the turn is. Check for signs, markings and spaces in between buildings.

Remember your MSM routine (mirror, signal, manoeuvre) and give yourself time to carry out the correct routine.

How to turn left from a major into a minor road.

1. Check mirrors (especially looking out for cyclists and pedestrians),

2. Position to the left and signal left in good time but not too early.

3. Slow down and change down gears if needed (1st gear if you're turning into a narrow or uphill road, otherwise 2nd)  making sure that you release the clutch before you turn. Leaving the clutch pressed would be bad and is called 'coasting'. Coasting would mean that you have less control over the car.

Although you have priority to turn left, always be ready for what might be in the road that you're turning into. There might be pedestrians crossing the road or a traffic jam.

Use your 'pull-push' method of steering, keeping about a metre from the kerb.

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How to turn left and right.

How to emerge & turn left video

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How to turn right from a major into a minor road.

1. Check mirrors on approach (looking out for overtaking motor-bikes, cars, cyclists).

2. Signal right.

3. Position slightly to the right, just left of the centre line.

4. Slow down and give way to oncoming cars.

5. If there isn't any oncoming cars then you might have to change down gears (1st is needed if the road you're turning into is narrow or uphill). Make sure that the clutch is up before turning so that you don't coast.

6. Just before turning check mirrors again and make sure that you don't cut the road that you're turning into. Look out for pedestrians who cross at junctions and cyclists.

7. If there are oncoming cars, then stop and wait for a space. Be wary of someone flashing their headlights, it doesn't always mean that its safe for you to go (flashing headlights is supposed to be a warning signal), so be careful. Check mirrors again before you turn.

Turning left and right


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