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Mock theory test 1.

Welcome to your first practice theory test. You have twelve online mock theory tests to pass to help you be successful with the real one. Developed by top DVSA approved UK driving instructors. We've been helping people through their theory test since 2004. The practice theory test questions and answers are all based on the official DVSA questions and the Highway Code. These tests are a great way to practice and get you ready for your real DVSA theory test. Once you've gone through all the 580 questions, make sure that you go back to any that you got wrong. It's all completely free with no registration required, no CD's or books to buy. We don't even want your email address! Please share our site with your friends, it will probably help them too. Don't forget to try out our ten other free tests! If you don't pass then try again. The practise will pay off in the end. Good luck!

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Latest news.

Between 2013 and 2014 the UK car theory test had the lowest pass rate ever since it started back in 2004. Only 5 in 10 candidates passed the theory test. August 2008 is when the pass rate reached its highest of 70%.

But why has the pass rate dropped? It's hard to say for sure but it could be because interpreters and foreign language voiceovers were banned, also the case study was brought in.

Let's try and raise the pass rate. Be as fully prepared for the theory test as possible by passing all of our practice tests. If you fail any, then go back and try again. Learn from any questions that you get wrong and don't rush into taking the theory test unprepapred.


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