Top 3 driving test tips from an examiner

Top 3 driving test tips from an examiner.

Here are three driving test tips in three minutes from an experienced retiring driving examiner.

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An examiners top 3 tips to pass your driving test video.

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Driving examiner top tips for passing driving test



Tip 1.

When the examiner taps on the iPad, they aren't all bad taps.

It can be distracting when you see the examiner doing something on the iPad and it's easy to assume the worst. You might think the examiners marked you a driving fault or maybe even given you a serious fault and you start dwelling on that. But now you're distracted and more likely to make mistakes.

The examiner told me they see a lot of candidates commit driving faults because they're not paying attention to their driving but busy looking at what the examiners doing.

The examiner said they have to make a note when you pull up on the left behind another vehicle, do a manoeuvre, a hill start and other things. They're not always marking faults, so try not to get distracted by what they're doing and stay focused on your driving.

Show me tell me questions

Tip 2.

Get the tell me question correct. You'll be asked a tell me question at the start of the driving test.

The examiner said that it seems as if some candidates don't bother learning the answers, resulting in an incorrect answer and getting a driving fault before even moving the car.

The examiner definitely recommends learning the show me, tell me questions and get the test off to a good start.



driving examiner driving test tips

Tip 3.

After 18 years of experience and seeing countless candidates, the examiner told me that their best tip might sound boring but just practise, practise, practise. Build-up experience on the road and keep going over anything that you're not getting right.

So there you have it. Don't be distracted by what the examiners doing. Learn the show, me tell me questions. Build up experience on the road and practise loads.

Good luck!

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