Why do people fail their driving test?

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Top 10 reasons for failing the UK driving test.

The most common driving test mistakes.

Why do people fail their driving test? You hear of it all the time. There's a good chance that they failed because of one of the reasons on the list below.

Facts and figures:
The UK driving test has a pass rate of just under 47 percent. Men have a statiscally higher chance of passing the driving test than females, but also more males took the driving test.

If you fancy taking a holiday and taking your driving test at the same time, then we recommend that you go to the Isle Of Mull, Scotland. It has a whopping pass rate of 80 percent! There were only 10 tests conducted there between 2013/14. But, the lowest pass rate joint award goes to Belvedere (London) and South Yardley (Birmingham) which are both struggling at 32 percent.

If you need help with passing your driving test and you live in our area, then get in contact with World Driving, it's what we specialise in!

So here it is, the 'Top 10 UK Driving Test Faults'. Please avoid them!


Observation at junctions.
Example of faults: ineffective observation and judgement.


Use of mirrors (change direction).
Example of faults: check your mirrors before changing position.


Control (steering).
Example of faults: swinging out wide or erratic steering.


Junctions (turning right).
Example of faults: position properly without cutting the corner.


Response to signals (traffic lights).
Example of faults: not going when you have a filter arrow or not reacting correectly to an amber traffic light.


Moving off (control).
Example of faults: rolling backwards or swinging out wide.


Positioning (normal driving).
Example of faults: too far or close to the kerb. Not keeping in position on a roundabout.


Move off (safety).
Example of faults: not checking around including blind spot before moving off.


Reverse park (control).
Example of faults: bay parking outside of the lines. Hitting the kerb when parallel parking.


Response to signals (road markings).
Example of faults: driving over solid lines. Not following directional arrows.

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