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If you're starting a new subject on your next driving lesson such as meeting traffic then your driving instructor will have a lot of valuable and important information to share with you at the beginning of the lesson. This means that a lot of your driving lesson time will be spent at the side of the road... not driving.

But what if your instructor asks you about the subject of your lesson and you know all the theory knowledge already. Your instructor will be impressed, they'll be telling you less, you'll get more actual driving practice time and you'll save time and money.

Our course is designed by fully qualified, experienced driving instructors to help you become a safe driver and hopefully pass your driving test whether you've got your first driving test coming up or your tenth.

We want you to be a safe driver and stand the best chance of passing your driving test.


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Module 1: Moving off / stopping & reversing

How to drive a manual car How to drive smoothly
Moving off & stopping Clutch control
How to steer a car
How to avoid stalling
Clutch or brake first?
When to press the clutch Securely parking on a hill

Module 2: Gears

How to change gear When to change gear
Changing down gear smoothly When to change gear on a hill

Module 3: Turns / junctions

Emerging & turning left Emerging & turning right
Primary & secondary traffic lights

Module 4: Hill starts

Hill starts
Hill starts at traffic lights
Clutch control in traffic uphill Emerging at an uphill junction

Module 5: Roundabouts

When to enter a roundabout
When to change gear on a roundabout

Module 6: In car essentials

Dashboard warning lights Ignition key won't turn
Adjusting the seat belt

Module 7: Pedestrian crossings & bus lanes

Pedestrian crossings Bus lanes

Module 8: Meeting traffic

Meeting traffic

Module 9: Dual carriageways & motorways

Dual carriageways
Joining / leaving motorways
Overtaking on motorways

Module 10: Theory test

Theory test
Hazard perception
Mock theory tests

Module 11: Driving test

Driving test day
Driving test myths
Mock driving test videos Independent driving
Secret to passing driving test? Manoeuvres
Top 10 test faults
Examples of dangerous faults
Top 3 test tips from an examiner Show me, tell me questions
Show me, tell me quiz Results sheet

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