How to move off and stop in a manual car driving lesson

How to move off & stop.

You'll normally cover moving off and stopping on your first or second driving lesson. Get a head start by looking at our step-by-step videos below.

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How to move off & stop in a manual car driving lesson video.

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Moving off in a car

How to move off in a manual car.

It's highly recommended that you practise driving with a qualified driving instructor.

1. Press the clutch down.

2. Select 1st gear.

3. Set the gas (rev the car a little above 1000rpm (might be marked as 1) if you have a rev counter).

4. Find the biting point.

5. Check all mirrors and blind spot (over right shoulder).

6. Signal (indicate) if necessary.

7. When it's safe, keep your feet still and release the parking brake (handbrake).

8. After roughly 2 seconds, slowly release the clutch fully with a little more gas.

Video on pulling up on the left (using a reference point).

How to pull up on the left (stopping).

1. Find a safe, convenient and legal place to park.

2. Check your mirrors (interior then left).

3. Signal if necessary.

4. Release the accelerator (gas) pedal.

5. Cover the brake (with your right foot) and clutch (with your left foot). Just have your feet ready to press the brake and clutch but don't press them yet.

6. Steer gradually to the left, then right once you're close to the kerb. Straighten the steering back to the left a little once the car is straight.

7. Press the clutch fully down and brake gently to a gentle stop. Keep feet still, both down on clutch and brake.

8. Apply the parking brake (handbrake) and select neutral. You can now release the pedals.

9. Cancel the signal if it's been on.

Here's more information on how to pull up on the left without hitting the kerb.

Pulling up on the left driving lesson

Video on pulling up on the left (uphill).

How to pull up on the left (uphill).

This is the similar to pulling up on a flat road but as you're driving uphill you'll need to brake less as gravity is slowing the car down.

stopping uphill on the left - driving lesson

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