When to change gear on a roundabout

When is the best time to change up a gear on a roundabout?

For a new driver, roundabouts can be a bit intense. Once they've moved onto the roundabout, changing up a gear is sometimes a low priority and will drive round it in 1st, especially if they're worried that changing gear might affect their steering and position on the road.

Changing up a gear is important if the engine is revving loudly and for more speed. It's also good for fuel economy.


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Changing up to 2nd gear on a roundabout



When is the best time to change up a gear on a roundabout?

The best time to change up a gear on a roundabout is as soon as you've accelerated onto it, almost in a straight line and before you start steering round the roundabout, as you'll need to keep the car in control.

Timing is important.

You have to check your mirrors and signal to exit a roundabout so it's easier to change gear before you start that routine if you have time.

What if it's a small roundabout?

It's not always safe to accelerate as much and change gear if it's a small roundabout. Especially if you're driving round a mini roundabout. Staying in 1st gear would be best for control if you're turning right around these.

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