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Refresher driving lessons.

Get your confidence back.

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Refresher driving lessons in BeckenhamRefresher driving lessons

Passed your test a long time ago and never driven? Lost confidence in driving and feeling rusty?

If so, then we can help. With our refresher driving lessons we'll get you started again within a quiet environment. Gradually building up your confidence in a dual-controlled car with an expert, patient instructor where nothing can go wrong.

Taking you step-by-step, until you can drive on your own unaided! Our patient instructors are experienced, on hand to help and won't rush you. You might feel like you have to start all over again, but we'll make sure that's not the case.

You've passed your driving test and your licence is gathering dust?

We're waiting to get your confidence levels back up and get you using that driving licence again. It's easy to forget how to reverse park into a gap or into a car park space. If thats you, then get in touch.

Motorway experience.

Let your first motorway experience be with a fully qualified driving instructor in a dual controlled car talking you through every step until you are fully confident on your own.

Including: Joining a motorway, exiting and overtaking.

Intensive courses

Refresher driving lessons

From abroad?

If you are from abroad and you're not confident with driving in the UK then getting in contact with World Driving is your first step.

You'll be driving with one of our top driving instructors in a dual controlled car. It's the safest way to learn the Great British roads.

With our patient driving instructors, you'll be safe and improving your overall driving too.

You'll be in good hands as we have had a lot of experience with people coming to us from all over the world.

To get started:

Telephone: 07940 114260 or 020 8650 6153






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