"Great instructor"

Chris is such a great instructor, super calm, funny and full of hints and tips on how to best manage the car, manoeuvre and generally drive well.

I have been trying a while to find the right instructor and I would highly recommend Chris. Passed first time with couple of minors, not too shabby! Thanks again Chris

Leila (Beckenham)


Chris is so patient and calm, even if you make a mistake. Such a lovely person and an amazing instructor - because of him, I passed first time!

Josephine (Beckenham)

"...Helped my confidence."

Thank you Anna (Beckenham) for your tasty present and card. Really pleased you passed first time at West Wickham.

"Positive and developmental feedback"

I passed with Chris 3 years ago. He’s an amazing driving instructor. Previous to him I’d had other instructor and he was the most clear and gave positive and developmental feedback. He also allows the student to lead on what they wanted from the lesson.

Chris teaches you to drive for life, not just for a test.

His YouTube videos are incredible and a wonderful aid to use throughout learning and after.

3 years on I’m still raving about Chris. Don’t think twice, book with Chris!

Alisha (Penge)

"Thank you so much"

I passed first time yesterday thanks to my instructor and Chris' wonderful videos.

Thank you so much. They were so detailed and I learnt a lot! In particular, how to observe properly and when to go at roundabouts! Thank you again!

Leva (Facebook)

"Patient and thorough"

I highly recommend. Chris at World Driving, Beckenham is an excellent instructor.

Chris is very patient and thorough, he teaches with a friendly and dynamic manner.

As a dyslexic adult I thought it would take many attempts to pass my driving test, however I am pleased to say I passed first time.

Charlotte (Beckenham)

"Prepares you to be confident on the road"

Would highly recommend!! Thank you World Driving for helping me pass my test first time and making me feel safe on the road. Really great structured lessons, really knows his stuff. The YouTube channel is so helpful and Chris prepares you to be confident on the road, not just able to tick all the boxes! I advise anyone that wants to start learning to drive to book with World Driving.

Victoria (Beckenham)

"Your tips really paid off"


I just wanted to say that at 10am today I passed my driving test in Ipswich, first time with only two faults!

I wanted to say thank you for uploading all of your videos, as I have been studying them religiously after lessons and they have helped immensely.

The parts in the test I was most worried about were the 'turn in the road' and the 'emergency stop' and last night I actually watched your videos on them as I needed a refresher and sure enough they both came up in the test today, but thankfully your tips really paid off.

Thank you again!

Best Regards,

William (email)

"Made me look a hero"

Just wanted to say thanks for putting up the oil change light reset instructions on your website.


It’s just helped me clear the light on a good customers car and made me look a hero in the process :0)

Thanks again

Kind regards

Mark (email)

"Thank you very much"


I passed my driving test today with 0 faults which is largely helped by your videos especially the mock driving tests. Thank you very much.

Kindest Regards,

Mike (email)

"One driving fault"

Well done to Stephanie who passed in Hither Green wth just one driving fault.



I just wanted to say a huge thank you! Today I passed my driving test on my first attempt with 4 minors (YAY!) with your help. I'm so glad I discovered your channel because your videos are just amazing. I hope you continue to make them and that your channel grows with great success and I wanted to let you know you are really appreciated for what you do, thank you so much :)

Jasmine (email)

"You made our lives better"

We live in California and we just finished 9 days of driving around Scotland.

Having never driven on the left we watched your YouTube video regarding traffic circles.

It made driving in Scotland so much easier.

Each of us thought of it each time came to a circle, and your calm voice lead us though.

Thank you so much.

You made our lives better.

Matthew and Jeanne (email) Berkeley, California

"Thank you"

Hi, I just want to say thank you! Your online questions and tutorial helped me pass my theory test today.

Ronke (email)

"Clear, concise and reassuring"


I live in Loughborough, Leicestershire and today passed my driving test on the first attempt with only three minors - and I'm much older than the average learner! I just wanted to say how helpful I've found your videos on youtube and what a difference I feel they've made to my confidence. The narration is clear, concise and reassuring, and the camera use brilliantly done. Please do keep sharing them as I'll carry on watching and if they can help me to drive after I was convinced 6 months ago I'd never pass then they can help anyone - I did have a very patient instructor too though!

Thank you again, and keep up the great work.

My very best wishes

Penny (email)


I AM A PDI (trainee instructor)

I Stumbled on your website on YouTube
I do hope you didn't mind me looking @ your videos which I have very helpful BOTH in Learning some new things myself & Also confirming I am doing some things correctly

Thank You Very Much

Steve PDI
soon to be ADI (approved driving instructor)

Steve (email)

"You will not regret it."

I have tried to learn to drive before but could never get comfortable and did not even get near a test, and for financial reasons I had to give up.

This time when I found World Driving. I found a calm, expert and overall positive and humorous driving instructor. I passed my test first time with 3 minor faults which to me when I started seemed impossible, if you need a driving instructor I very much suggest World Driving you will not regret it.

Neil - (Beckenham)

"Experience and confidence"

Passed my test in west wickham first time with two faults today thanks to world driving school. I had an excellent instructor, he really helped me to gain the necessary skills experience and confidence to pass in quite a short time.

Lots of professional videos and resources on the website as well which I actually did end up using quite a bit... Very happy with WD and would recommend to any learner.

Richard (Beckenham)


Thank you! And thanks for all the help :)

Aimee (YouTube)

"Recommend to anybody in the area"

Excellent, calm and patient instruction in South East/South London. Would recommend to anybody in the area.

Mark - (Forest Hill)

"Third child passed"

Third child passed driving test today - three out of three on 1st attempt! Thanks to World Driving.

Jim (Beckenham)

"I improved every lesson"

The feedback I received was always constructive and objective and I felt I improved every lesson. Highly recommended.

Daniel (Bellingham)

"Would recommend"

Would recommend World Driving to anyone in the Beckenham area who wants to learn to drive. Thanks again

Alison (Bellingham)

"First time and with only 2 faults!"

Thanks so much to my instructor for his great tuition and patience! I think I have only just got over the shock of passing my driving test first time and with only 2 faults!

I was a nervous learner and terrified when I started, but you made me feel calmer and more relaxed as each lesson went by. I can't recommend you highly enough to anyone, at any stage, who wishes to pass their test.

Thank you!

Emma - (Forest Hill)

"Great time learning."

Thanks so much!

I had a great time learning with you and would like to thank you again for all your patience. I could not have asked for a better driving instructor. Cheers again,

Cat (Forest Hill)


Thanks so much, you gave me confidence in driving and I'll never forget you.



Per Sis (Beckenham)

"Details and perfection."

5 Star instructor, would recommend to anyone.

It was fun learning and it wasn't too long before I passed my test thanks to World Driving.

Very good care about details and perfection, taught me things about the car that probably other instructors wouldn't care to mention. Excited to get my first car soon, thanks again!

Danielius - (Bellingham)

"First class help and support."

Thanks to my instructor from World Driving for his excellent service I received whilst preparing for my test, which I passed first time! I was an incredibly reluctant and nervous driver; I never expected to pass on my first attempt let alone to pass so well.

The lessons were comprehensive and consistant, with first class help and support at every stage.

I am over-joyed and very grateful. I couldn't recommend this professional school highly enough.

Mary (Penge)


Wow, thank you SO MUCH! It's beginning to sink in now...

So happy, so excited. Thank you for being so patient and kind.

See you on the roads! Thanks.

Sophie (Sydenham)

"Passed my test 1st time with only 2 minors."

Chris has pitch perfect delivery when giving advice and guidance, understanding when to highlight an issue, or to allow you to ponder a mistake you've made. He also provides a steady stream of encouragement and praise when progress is being made.

I was very fortunate not to have to alternate driving instructors due to Chris's excellent instruction and tutelage. With his help, and plenty of preparation, I passed my test 1st time with only 2 minors.

Do yourself a favour and get in touch with worlddriving.co.uk

Sean - (Shortlands)

"Helped me pass first attempt."

Many thanks to Chris for his patience and great teaching style.

Recommended highly helped me pass first attempt. Again many thanks.

Andy (Penge)

"Explains everything well"

Brilliant, calm, patience, really cares about your road safety, explains everything well with good sense of humour. :)

Aysha (Penge)


Thank you very much. You were a great help and maybe see you soon.

Darren (Beckenham)

"Most definitely recommend World driving."

I chanced upon the website of World Driving school and decided to continue my driving lessons after failing to pass a couple of times in the past. As one would expect, I was low on confidence but the instructor made sure I nipped all my mistakes in the bud.

There was incredible amount of patience and guidance from his end which was most encouraging and sure enough, I easily passed my test with just 3 minor faults. Not only have I become a more confident driver but have managed to be aware of many road situations a new driver will face and has to overcome.

I most definitely recommend World driving school for any learner driver for the wonderful support I received. No regrets!

Thanks once again,

Vatsala (Beckenham)

"Great informative website"


I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for having such a great informative website. I have been learning to drive for 12months and was finding the manoevers quite difficult to get the hang off.Your tips and advice certainly helped me. I had my driving test on 6.6.13 and I'm proud to say I passed 1st time.

Although practise is the key....I do think the way u have shown the method of each manoeuvre is fantastic and I'm so greatful for all the hard work you have put into the website to help people like me achieve the full licence.
I will definatley recommend it to friend who need help in future.

Selms (email)

"Excellent driving tuition"

Just a short note to say a big thank you for the excellent driving tuition and your untold patience over the past months.

You are a fab instructor and I really appreciate all the help you have given me and your encouragement too.

Marianne (Beckenham)

"Comfortable and relaxed"

After bad experiences with other driving schools I was very reluctant and nervous, the instructor from the driving school made me feel comfortable and relaxed and he was extremely informative.

I passed my practical test and can't thank the driving school enough for all their help, hard work and commitment.

Would highly recommend to everyone and anyone who is looking to start driving.

Damien (Sydenham)

"See you on the road"

I'll recommend you to everyone, even people who've already passed.

See you on the road!

Paul (Sydenham)

Short and sweet...

Thanks again for everything.

Dan (Honor Oak)

"Brilliant instructor"

Thanks, you're a brilliant instructor and it's clear to see you are passionate about your job!

Adnan (Penge)

"Highly recommend World Driving"

I would like to thank my driving instructor, for my Pass today with only 2 faults. I have already driving experience, but it was outside Europe, so I took few refreshing lessons (only 7, but they lasted 1hour each), during which Chris gave me maximum. If he criticised my actions it was in a light playful way, so you don't really feel any pressure at all and learn a lot at the same time.

You will have a lot of practise, which is the most important thing (I heard stories when instructors spend a quarter of lessonís time just to repeat theory). Moreover, the car he is using is new and you don't need to worry about technical part of your future exam.

Once again, I would highly recommend World Driving for newbies and people, who would like to have refreshing lessons before exam. My example is the best to show that it is possible. Thank you very much and all the best guys!"

Alla (Beckenham)

"After only 9 hours of instruction"

As a foreign national I had my doubts about driving in Britain, but after a few lessons my driving instructor had giving me the confidence to push though and pass my driving test after only 9 hours of instruction. I would highly recommend my instructor, as they he was very thorough and does an excellent job explaining all the intricacies of driving in the busy london roads." 

Javier (Beckenham)

Annette (Beckenham)

"Feel at ease"

Driving lessons were great, I would recommend them to all keen learners! Ability to teach thoroughly while remaining calm, pleasant and patient was very much what I needed. If I ever made a mistake he would always know how to make me feel at ease, so it wouldn’t play on my mind! Having had no lessons in 12 years, I managed to pass my theory and practical tests first time within three and a half months of beginning with World Driving. Happy days!!

Darren (Penge)

"Recommend to everyone"

I would like to thank my driving instructor for helping me pass my test 1st time today! He has been a very good instructor and I would recommend to everyone wanting to get their driving licence to go with World Driving, driving school! I have not only learnt many usefull techniques but i've also enjoyed my time doing the lessons and feel very confident driving now, Thanks again!

Joel (Bellingham)

"Professional, polite and patient"

From the outset was professional, polite and patient. He progressed me through my driving at a comfortable rate. I passed first time and can put it all down to his teaching.

His method of over preparing you means that even at your worst you drive better than most people on the road. I will be highly recommending him and your driving school to friends and family.

Thanks again.

Asil (Beckenham)

"Thank you for the personal, informal style of instruction"

I just wanted to say thank you for the personal, informal style of instruction that I got with you, along with all the extra help and guidance made available to me such as mock theory tests which have seen me right the way through from starting to passing my driving test.

I'll readily recommend World Driving to a friend, and I'm sure to be coming back for Pass Plus lessons.

Lewis (Forest Hill)

Thank you for all your comments! You can send feedback to: info@worlddriving.co.uk


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