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No test. 100% more driving experience.

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Pass Plus in Beckenham

Every day in Britain, two under 25's die in road accidents.

You are most likely to be involved in an accident in your first two years of passing your test. Mostly because of inexperience of driving. Passing your driving test is just the start of learning to drive.

Pass Plus was introduced to help. Its a short driving course aimed at building up your skills and experience with no test at the end.

You will get a certificate once you finish and this could entitle you to a discount off your car insurance. Information about the discount can be found here. Your local authority could also help you with some of the cost of Pass Plus. More information on this is here.

It's a course of six hours endorsed by the Government, Driving Standards Agency and insurance companies.

It includes:

  City driving

  Rural roads

  Weather driving

  Night driving

  Motorway driving

  Dual carriageways

Pass Plus motorway driving

To get started:

Telephone: 07940 114260 or 020 8650 6153






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